Purchase Real Estate & Mortgage Customer

My wife and I came across Laurence's information through my wife's parents who had been using his financial advisory services for quite some time. Initially, we wanted to talk to Laurence to gain some understanding of our financial situation and if it was possible to obtain a mortgage and ultimately purchase a home. After speaking with him over the phone, it was clear as to why my in-laws were so adamant about using Laurence's services. His attention to detail, genuine interest in your situation, and overall professionalism made it a clear decision to use Laurence as our financial and real estate agent. Throughout the home purchasing process, Laurence ensured that all dates were met and questions were answered ahead of any deadline. His flexible work schedule allowed for after work and sometimes late night phone calls, far surpassing any expectations of other financial and mortgage agencies. We went through many house listings and even when our spirits were low with not finding exactly what we wanted, Laurence was reassuring and maintained an optimistic attitude. I can unequivocally say that Laurence provided exemplary service and allowed us to purchase the house of our dreams. Thank you Laurence Ostrom!


Jorge Cesmegi III